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Book your yoga class or evening event in Ubud


Because we are a small boutique yoga studio, our spaces are limited. We recommend you book your class online to ensure you have a spot. You can also come directly to the studio and pay at the door (cash or credit card). Classes filled first-come, first-served.
Yoga Classes
1 Class

Rp 150.000

  • 5-Class Pass

    Valid for one month
  • 10-Class Pass

    Valid for 3 months
Balinese: By donation | Indonesians: IDR 100k | KITAS/KITAP: IDR 100k. The class pass are non-transferable.
Breathwork & Acupressure with Marc (Mondays)

 1 Session

Rp 250.000

Sound Healing with Lola Malaika 

1 Session

Rp 200.000

Tuesday Sessions
Thursday Sessions

For online bookings: Credit card (Visa or Mastercard).

At the door: Credit card or cash.


No online booking available for reduced prices, please pay at the door. Please bring your KITAS/KITAP as proof.

Private Yoga & Sound Healing Classes

We are offering private yin yoga classes as well as private sound healing classes in our studio in Ubud. Please find the price and all details here:

FAQ: Yoga studio & classes in Ubud

Heart Space Yoga Studio in Ubud: This beautiful yoga studio offers a variety of yoga classes and other events led by experienced teachers. It is a refuge for all levels and promotes inner peace and growth. With its atmosphere, it is more than a yoga studio; It is a transformative retreat in Ubud.

What should I bring to a yoga class?

You don't need to bring anything! We provide yoga mats, blocks, cushions, and water for your convenience. Just bring yourself and comfortable clothing suitable for your practice.


I'm new to yoga. Which class should I start with?

All our classes cater to every level! Our teachers are adept at tailoring sessions to individual needs, making each class suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. Feel free to join any class that fits your schedule – we'll ensure a fulfilling experience for you


How large are the classes?

We maintain small class sizes, with a maximum of 15 participants in our Yoga and Yin Yoga classes here in Ubud. This ensures a personalized experience and ample attention from our instructors during your practice.


What is the duration of a typical yoga class?

Our classes typically range from 60 to 90 minutes, but the duration may vary depending on the class type and instructor. Please check the yoga class description.


What if I have an injury or health condition?

Please inform your instructor before class about any injuries or health concerns. They can offer modifications or alternative poses to accommodate your needs.


Do I need to book classes in advance?

While drop-ins are welcome, booking in advance secures your spot, especially for popular classes. We recommend booking your spot through our website and pay online.


How early should I arrive for a yoga class?

We recommend arriving 10 to 15 minutes before the class starts. This allows time for check-in, settling in, and preparing your space for practice.

Please note: Classes filled first-come, first-served. Thank you!


Are there age restrictions for yoga classes?

Our classes are open to practitioners of various ages. However, for children or specific age groups, we may offer specialized classes or have age recommendations. Please check our schedule or contact us for more information.

Do you offer KITAS price?

Yes, we do offer special pricing for KITAS/KITAP holders. Please bring your document to the studio and pay at the door with cash or credit card. Please note that online booking and payment is not possible for KITAS/KITAP holders.

Do you offer private yoga classes?

Yes, we are offering personal (one to one) yoga classes in your studio in Ubud. Find here all information about the private yoga classes.

Are you interested in working as a yoga instructor with us?

Please refer to the information and requirements provided on our page regarding teaching yoga at our studio in Ubud.

What are the terms and conditions?

Please find all terms and conditions here about payment, cancellation, and refund.

Yoga studio ubud

Our Ubud Yoga Studio

Ubud yoga Studio
Ubud yoga studo

At our yoga center & studio, tranquility meets transformation. Our diverse classes cater to various needs and preferences, featuring Yin yoga sessions that delve deep into restorative postures, facilitating profound relaxation and tension release. The therapeutic benefits of Yin yoga extend beyond the mat, fostering balance and harmony in everyday life.


In tune with the harmonious vibrations of Bali, our sound healing sessions offer a unique experience. Participants immerse themselves in a symphony of healing sounds, allowing vibrations to permeate their being, promoting inner peace and rejuvenation.

Yoga Studio in Ubud

Beyond Yin yoga and sound healing, our studio in Ubud hosts an array of yoga and meditation classes, catering to practitioners of all levels. From dynamic vinyasa flows to introspective meditation sessions, each class is thoughtfully curated to nurture individual growth and self-discovery.


Our experienced instructors are passionate guides on your wellness journey. Their expertise and compassionate guidance create a nurturing environment, encouraging exploration and personal transformation. They bring a wealth of knowledge and dedication to each class, fostering a supportive space for growth and development.


Our commitment extends beyond the studio walls. We aim to create a community that transcends the confines of a class. Through workshops, retreats, and community events, we foster connections and provide opportunities for holistic growth and self-discovery.


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Moreover, our studio's ethos is rooted in sustainability and mindfulness. We embrace eco-friendly practices, nurturing a space that respects and honors the environment. It's a conscious choice to align our values with our actions, fostering a deeper connection with nature and self.


In the heart of Ubud, our yoga studio embodies more than a place of practice—it’s a sanctuary where individuals embark on transformative journeys, embracing the essence of Bali's spiritual healing energy.

Ready for your yoga class in our yoga center?

Whether you seek to unwind, explore deeper self-awareness, or simply find solace amidst life's hustle, our yoga studio in Ubud welcomes you with open arms. Join us on this enriching journey toward holistic well-being, where each breath and movement fosters a harmonious connection between body, mind, and soul.

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