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Real & authentic Balinese Healers in Ubud


Restore, clear & balance your body, mind, and spirit with a 1:1 Balinese healing session.

Balinese healing is rooted in the belief that health and well-being are achieved through balance and harmony between the mind, body, and spirit. We are very grateful to be able to offer authentic Balinese healers in Ubud at Heart Space Bali.

An authentic Balinese healing session is a truly immersive experience that goes beyond just physical touch. The healer creates a sacred space that is designed to promote a sense of relaxation and inner peace, allowing you to fully surrender and let go of any stress, tension, or negative emotions.

We advise you to request or book your appointment promptly, as our healers get booked up quickly. 

Balinese Healer I Gede

60 min: IDR 750.000

90 min: IDR 900.000


60 min: IDR 500.000

90 min: IDR 700.000

Balinese Healing in Ubud

Nestled within Ubud's beautiful landscapes, The Heart Space Yoga and Healing studio transcends the label of a typical healing center. It stands as an emblem of Balinese healing philosophy, recognizing the intricate connection between mind, body, and spirit. Each session within this serene studio is not merely a practice, but a transformative journey, harmonizing and revitalizing the very core of one's being.


Venturing into Heart Space isn't a mere visit to a studio—it's an immersion into a meticulously curated sanctuary, artfully designed to cocoon visitors in an atmosphere effortlessly, fusing relaxation and inner tranquility. Here, amidst the sanctum of healing, stress, tension, and emotional burdens, find release, nurturing a fertile ground for holistic rejuvenation.

Discovering Authentic Balinese Healing in Ubud: A Journey to Holistic Wellness

Traditional esteemed Balinese practitioners work within the serene sanctuary of The Heart Space, Bali, are custodians of ancient wisdom, deeply ingrained in the tapestry of Balinese healing traditions. I Gede Asiantara's transformative Prana Healing Massage and Desak's therapeutic Balinese Massage embody the holistic essence inherent in Balinese healing. Each session resonates with the harmonic rhythm of this ancient practice, offering not just treatment but a spiritual experience.

Sound Healing Ubud

Heart Space serves as more than a healing center—it's an emblematic refuge nurturing physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Beyond tangible treatments, it's a guiding beacon through an immersive, transformative journey deeply rooted in the essence of authentic Balinese healing. We also offer different yoga classes, for example daily yin Yoga in central Ubud.

A Haven of Holistic Wellness in Ubud

The sanctuary encapsulates the profound depth of Balinese healing's ancient wisdom, extending an invitation beyond the conventional realms. It beckons individuals to rediscover inner harmony, embark on an immersive odyssey towards holistic well-being, and unlock the gates to profound self-healing, revitalization, and self-discovery.


Balinese healing converges with Heart Space, Bali, creating a symphony of spiritual transformation. It transcends mere physical convalescence, guiding participants through an intricate dance between the body, mind, and spirit. Visitors immerse themselves in therapy sessions transcending the mundane, experiencing a profound embrace of holistic therapy bridging ancient wisdom and modern well-being practices.

Heart Space Healing Center Ubud

Ubud's spiritual healing journey at Heart Space extends beyond the superficial - it's an exploration of the interconnectedness of self and nature. This convergence represents not just a healing center but an immersive tapestry of spiritual realms and holistic practices fostering true wellness transcending boundaries.

Seeking the essence of Ubud spiritual healers becomes an immersive voyage within Heart Space.

Balinese Massage

Here, the search for authentic healing is realized - a convergence of revered Ubud spiritual healers, custodians of ancient wisdom, and guardians of Balinese healing traditions. Visitors encounter the best healers in Ubud, practitioners revered for their expertise in alternative therapy, holistic therapy, and an array of healing treatments.

Balinese Spiritual Healer Sessions

These Balinese healer Ubud practitioners transcend the ordinary, embodying a fusion of ancient wisdom and contemporary holistic approaches. The multifaceted nature of Balinese spiritual healing is experienced as seekers delve into healing practices in Ubud or encounter the spiritual prowess of Pranic healers within Heart Space's nurturing embrace.

At the heart of Ubud spiritual healing lies a profound understanding - a belief that true healing transcends the physical realm. It's an intricate dance between the body, mind, and spirit. Visitors immerse themselves in healing therapy sessions that transcend the mundane, experiencing the profound embrace of holistic therapy.

Holistic Spiritual Healing in Ubud Bali

Ubud's spiritual healers within Heart Space embody the essence of healing therapy, seamlessly blending ancient practices with modern holistic therapies. Through their guidance, visitors undergo transformative healing treatments, stepping into the realm of alternative therapy that nurtures both the physical and spiritual realms.


In conclusion, Ubud's spiritual healing journey converges with Heart Space, fostering an immersive exploration of spiritual realms and the tapestry of holistic practices. Heart Space isn't just a studio - it's a sacred haven where the essence of Balinese healing flourishes. It beckons individuals seeking more than superficial rejuvenation, inviting them on a transformative voyage that revitalizes not just the body but nourishes the soul, guiding them towards a deeper connection to inner harmony and profound well-being.

Balinese Healer
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