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I Gede Asiantara 
(Balinese Healer)

I Gede Asiantara was born into a family lineage of healers. He began his journey as a Prana Energy Healer almost 20 years ago where he mentored and studied full body Prana Massage.

Definitely my favourite yoga/healing studio in Ubud […] had a healing session with one of the Balinese healers. I got so much out of all my experiences. Thank you.

Gabrielle, Review on Google

Pranah Healing Massage (On Body)

Pranah Massage Healing offers a transformative fusion of pranic energy and massage, aimed at holistic well-being. Our treatment, created by the union of "prana" and "massage", embodies the essence of healing.


How does a session with I Gede Asiantara work?

  • The session begins with a sacred prayer, setting the intention for deep healing.

  • Expertly guided by the renowned Balinese healer, I Gede Asiantara, each massage is a journey to balance and rejuvenation.

  • With meticulous attention to detail, he treats each reflexology point to improve blood circulation, incorporating gentle stretches for the waist, shoulders, and spine.


How can a Pranah treatment help you?

  • A deep and restorative, full-body massage is administered to release tension and rebalance your energy system, fostering a profound sense of relaxation and renewal.

  • Sessions are meticulously crafted to meet your individual needs and preferences, ensuring an experience that leaves you fully satisfied.

  • They conclude by channeling positive energy to areas in need of healing.

  • Each aspect is tailored to your unique requirements.


What is Pranah?

Pranah Healing is the development of bioelectricity from the body combined with intuitive, deep, whole-body reflexology. This massage also helps to detoxify the body, increase energy, and promote mood and circulation.

  • In the diagnostic approach, the power of pranic energy is harnessed, tuned to the vibrations of your body.

  • This intuitive visualization technique allows for understanding and effective treatment of your concerns.


Experience the art of healing with Pranah Massage, where every touch is infused with intention and care.

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