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Yin Yoga, Sound Healing, Breath work, & Balinese Healers in Ubud

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Healing Starts Here

Let's embark on a journey together, weaving the threads of healing, mindfulness, and self-awareness into your life.

Allow Heart Space Bali, the Yin Yoga & Holistic Healing Studio, be your guide as you journey toward wholeness and inner harmony.

Classes & Events

We had the pleasure to participate in a Yin Yoga class. I’ve felt so good, calm and in peace after this session it was beyond beautiful. Thank you very much for this special day, I am so grateful and feeling at peace now✨


Healing Ubud

Helping you restore your wellbeing through sound, movement, massage and traditional therapies - with our Balinese Healers.


Vegan, Vegetarian, and Pescatarian food options served at the highest standards. 100% gluten-free, along with glutenous grain-free options

I ended up doing a yin yoga class there every day as it was such a beautiful boutique setup and the space was enhanced by the amazing yin yoga teachers. [It's a] beautiful space for yin to work its magic. I’ve struggled to find anywhere quite like it. It was a perfect start to the day. I can’t wait to get back to Ubud and Heart Space Bali.


Location & Opening Hours

Heart Space Bali & Flourish

Our Yoga Studio (Heart Space) and Restaurant (Flourish) are located in Central Ubud.

1 Nyuh Kuning Rd, Ubud, Bali 80571


Phone or WhatsApp:

+62 881-0374-13517

If you are in Ubud and looking for a perfect start or would like to continue [your] yoga practice, and spiritual growth and meet the right person for it, check it out! And yes, it's okay if you speak English or Russian, you will understand. The teachers are great. And yes, they also have a great cafe! Food, drinks!


About Heart Space Bali

Starting from the heart, we are a compassionate and connected community that supports your journey to a balanced, healthy life. With Heart Space, our Yoga & Healing Studio and Flourish, our Healthy Café and Restaurant - both in Ubud on Bali.

Complete props for yin yoga in Ubud Bali
Heal with balinese massage in Ubud Bali
Meditate and look into yourself
Delve deep into your own consciousness
Make friends and join a community
I Gede
Becoming one with yourseld & the universe
Serving you nutritious beverages in Ubud Bali

Today’s morning class with Andrea... was by far the best yoga class my partner and I have experienced for years. Andreas delivery was outstanding, from her poetic cues, brilliant sequencing, patient transitions…. It all flowed so beautifully. It really made our trip to Bali.


The Yin Yoga studio in Central Ubud

Welcome to the heart of yoga utopia - Ubud, Bali. Famously known as the island of the 'Gods', Ubud is nestled amidst lush rice fields and spiritual beauty. Here lies a place that embodies the essence of yoga. Heart Space Bali, a healing and yoga studio, is centrally located in Ubud - at the corner from Jalan Pengosekan and Jalan Nyuh Kuning. Just minutes away and close to Mas, Nyuh Kuning, Lodtunduh, and Peliatan. Or a short ride by a scooter or car from Penestanan, Singakerta, Sayan, and Katiklantang.


Heart Space Bali is more than just a yoga studio in Ubud. Our haven of tranquility and inner peace is a sanctuary for the soul, a place where body, mind, and spirit converge. Whether you're an experienced yogi or a newcomer, our doors for yoga and Yin-related practices in Ubud are open to anyone seeking balance and renewal.

Heart Space Bali - Healing and Yoga Ubud

Our experienced teachers are not only experts on their mats but also in the art of guidance and support. Lead with mindfulness through the practices of your yoga class, sound healing, meditation, or breath work - enriching your own inner yoga journey. Our Ubud yoga classes cater to all genders and levels; there is something here for everyone.


The Heart Space Healing and yoga studio itself is an inspiring space. Thoughtfully designed with attention to detail, it exudes tranquility and invites immersion into the Yin yoga practice. The natural beauty of Ubud seeps through our studio, creating an atmosphere that calms the senses and nurtures spiritual growth.


We believe in integrating yoga and guiding you on how to connect to oneself, activating your own intuition in your daily life. That is why we also offer additional educational workshops such as sound healing, breath work, and meditation. Along with the ability to experience one-on-one sessions with traditional Balinese healers.


We have created a community centered around mutual support and development. Here, you will learn and grow, along with connecting with like-minded individuals.

Yoga Ubud: Yin Yoga classes every day

After your yoga class at Heart Space Bali, situated near Central Ubud, you can enjoy a healthy meal or beverage at Flourish Café and Restaurant next door. Then, you can explore local sightseeing, markets, and experience Balinese culture.

Enjoying being a part of this vibrant culture is another reason why our participants keep coming back and returning time and time again. We look forward to accompanying you on your inner yoga journey here in Ubud - whether it's to strengthen your body, calm your mind, or simply find inner peace in a bustling world.

Immerse yourself in the world of yoga at Heart Space Bali, a healing and Yoga studio located in Ubud. Come and discover how yoga can be more than just a practice; it can be an inner transformational way of life for long-lasting healing. That is our heartfelt vision. We offer authenticity, and our aim is to create a life-changing experience for you here at Heart Space Bali in Ubud.

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