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Cacao, Yin & Sound: Meridian Restoration

Every Friday at 6pm | A deeply restorative Yin practice designed to stimulate your meridian channels

  • 1 h 15 min
  • 250.000 Rupiah Indonesia
  • Heart Space Bali (Central Ubud)

Service Description

🧘‍♀ CACAO, YIN YOGA & SOUND BOWL: MERIDIAN RESTORATION with AYU Embark on a deeply restorative Yin Yoga practice designed to stimulate your meridian channels and awaken your inner balance. This class fuses gentle, long-held poses aligned with the 5 elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine with fascia release techniques, allowing you to unwind, de-stress, and experience a holistic renewal. You will be offered Balinese cacao cultivated with devotion and prayers to help you open your heart and immerse yourself into loving-kindness and bliss. WHAT TO EXPECT •⁠ Elemental Yin Poses: We'll explore poses that correspond to the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water elements, targeting specific meridians and promoting harmony within your body and mind. •⁠ Fascia Release and Meridian Stimulation: By holding Yin postures for extended periods, we'll gently stretch and release tension in the fascia, the connective tissue network. This sustained pressure is believed to stimulate the flow of vital energy (qi) through the corresponding meridians, enhancing the therapeutic benefits of each pose. •⁠ Restorative Focus: This class prioritizes deep relaxation and inner peace. We'll utilize props like bolsters and blankets to ensure proper alignment and support, allowing you to sink deeply into each pose. 👌 YOUR BENEFITS •⁠ Improved flexibility and range of motion •⁠ Reduced stress and anxiety •⁠ Enhanced circulation and energy flow •⁠ Deeper relaxation and inner peace •⁠ Stimulation of specific meridians associated with the 5 elements 🧘🏽‍♂ WHO IS THE CLASS SUITABLE FOR The Yin Yoga & Sound Bowls: Meridian Restoration is suitable for all: •⁠ All levels, including beginners. This class is designed to be a gentle and restorative experience. •⁠ Our instructors are happy to tailor the session to your needs, especially if you have any physical limitations. •⁠ Suitable for older kids, with parental discretion •⁠ Not suitable for pregnant woman 📍 LOCATION Heart Space Bali - Yin Yoga & Holistic Healing in Central Ubud 🎟 PRICE •⁠ 250k IDR per person 🛒 HOW TO BOOK YOUR NIGHT EVENT While drop-ins are welcome, booking in advance secures your spot, especially for popular classes like this. We recommend booking your spot through our website and pay online.

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Contact Details

  • Heart Space Bali (Central Ubud)

    Heart Space Bali - Healing & Yoga Ubud, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesien

    +62 881-0374-13517

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